njeri carroo
air traffic manager

Responsible for all operations associated with the Kingston Flight Information Region. 

olante douglas
deputy air traffic manager

Reports to the ATM. Responsible for the Administration of the Kingston Roster. Monitors the state of the facility and staff projects. 

jaron mcintosh
training administrator

Reports to the ATM. TA has full oversight of the FIR Training Program. The TA is responsible for the development of training materials and administering the Instructor and Mentor program. Responsible for the assessment of Facility members capabilities. 

raldayne thomas
events coordinator

Reports to the DATM. Works with the DATM to develop the events program. Works with, and coordinates with the ATM, DATM and TA on event concepts and execution. Implements and works with the DATM to oversee approved events. Responsible for coordination of facility sponsored events with adjacent air traffic facilities to arrange support for events. Liaison to neighbouring facilities, division and VATSIM event staff.